Kids' Scooters

Kids scooters for travelling in style

Push scooters have come a long way since the days when they were just for little kids scooting around the block. Todays kids scooters have a whole range of features making them cool enough for school, even for teenagers. Should your current kids scooter need a makeover, you can also find spare wheels, handlebars, and other scooter accessories and parts.

New wheels for little kids

You can safely start kids early with a three-wheeled scooter. These have much more stability than the two-wheel kind and are a great way for kids to gain confidence and learn the basics. Young childrens scooters have double front wheels, a low deck, easy grip low handlebars, and big chunky tyres.

For the older kids

Once they have mastered the basics, the world is their oyster when it comes to getting around swiftly and smartly. Scooters for older kids can include a whole range of features to make the ride smoother, safer and more stable. For example, some come with a suspension on the front and rear wheels, to take out the bumps from your ride. You can also get a range of brakes, including brakes that grip the wheel itself and brakes that clamp the rim like bicycle brakes. Top range scooters can even come with disc brakes.

Theres nothing wrong with old school

Modern models tend to have very small and fast wheels, but you can still buy old school designs with 12 or 16-inch wheels. These deliver a totally different experience, with the comfort of pneumatic tyres rather than the solid wheels of smaller scooters. This style can be great fun off road.

Fun designs and themes

While getting a scooter on its own is exciting enough, you can make your kids scooter experience even better with a themed scooter featuring their favourite characters from the movies or TV. Your kids will be rapt when they find out their ride comes in a bright blue colour or is designed with an awesome brand they love like Peppa Pig, Monster High, or Frozen.