Kids Shoes

Kids' Shoes for All Occasions

Kids' shoes are not just smaller versions of adult shoes but are designed specifically for a child's different proportions and needs. There are many companies that make children's shoes in all manner of styles and types. You can find shoes for all occasions, such as sports, outdoor use, dress events, summer fun, waterproof boots, and all-purpose use. It is easy to find the kids' shoes you are looking for online, as the sizing is standardised for uniformity.

What brands are there for kids' shoes?

There are many, many brands of kids' shoes. Some are designed by companies that mostly cater to adults, and some are made from companies that specialise in children's shoes. You can often find these well-known brands of shoes to fit your needs:

  • PLAE - These shoes are casual and comfortable and come with easy Velcro fastenings. The styles range from casual to trendy.
  • adidas - adidas makes durable and long-lasting athletic shoes for children.
  • Hush Puppies - Their dress children's shoes are just as comfortable as the adult shoes.
  • Toms - Toms has a wide variety of styles for all ages of children.
  • Florsheim - These dress shoes offer a classic style and appeal.
  • Merrell - Merrell makes durable outdoor boots and shoes.
  • Start Rite - Start Rite is a classic kid's shoe that supports feet comfortably.
  • Keen - These outdoor shoes are durable and colourful and well-suited for all weather.
How are kids' shoes sized?

Children's shoe sizes are differently categorized for different countries. For the UK and Australia, the sizes are divided into two groups: infants and youth.

Infant children's shoes in the UK and Australia are sized from 0 - 10 in one-half increments. These are the general age ranges for the sizes:

  • 0-6 Months - 0
  • 6-9 Months - .5
  • 9-12 Months - 1
  • 12-16 Months - 1
  • 16-20 Months - 1.5
  • 20+ Months - 2 - 10

Youth shoe sizes are sized from 10.5 - 6. These are the age ranges for the junior kids' shoe sizes:

  • 2-4 Years - 10.5
  • 4-6 Years - 11
  • 8-10 Years - 11.5 - 6
What are some of the styles in kids' shoes?

You can find kids' shoes in the same styles as for adults. Some of the more common styles are athletic shoes, flip-flops, clogs, brogues, loafers, boots, sandals, slippers, and dress shoes, amongst others. These styles can be found in all colours and designs, and they often feature fun aspects like media characters, wheels, and light ups.