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King Single Bedding Sheets

Slip easily into Morpheus' arms each night on your king single bed with comfortable bedding sheets that enhance the quality of your sleep. Since you spend a quarter of your life in bed, create an inviting haven that plumps for rest and relaxation with bedding of the type and style that suits your tall needs.

King Single Size

The king single size, a standard Australian and New Zealand bed or mattress size, is extra wide and extra long to accommodate taller people. It also accommodates those who love to stretch out, as well as growing kids.

Type of Bed Sheet

Create crisp hospital folds as you tuck in the corners of your flat, rectangular sheet when making your bed. Flat sheets are easy to wash and also fold easily for storage. Fitted sheets stretch easily into place, as their elastic edging fits snugly all around the mattress. However, folding them is a headache. Mull over sheet sets that include both flat and fitted sheets as well as pillowcases to create a coordinated look on your king single bed.


Choose 100 per cent cotton bed sheets if you value durability and comfort as the sheets get softer with each wash. On the other hand, 100 per cent linen bed sheets are made from the strongest natural fibre and last even longer than cotton under normal circumstances. Both cotton and linen keep you cool in sweltering Aussie summers. If you find ironing such a chore or prefer an animal-friendly material option, look for soft microfibre sheets that dry fast and resist wrinkles and stains.

Thread Count

A thread count in bed sheets refers to the number of threads that run vertically and horizontally in 10 square centimetres of the material. A higher thread count does not always mean softer or more luxurious bed sheets as some sheets with a lower thread count are just as comfortable.