King Single Size Beds & Bed Frames

The king single bed is the definitely the king of single beds. If you are looking to buy a bed for your child or teenager, the king single is worth considering. It is the largest of the single beds and will see your child through from the time they leave the cot to the day they leave home! The king single also makes the ideal bed for your guest room. If you are looking for beds for your child, eBay offers a range of beds and king single beds.

Why a king single?

You already know the cost of furnishing a nursery for a baby or a bedroom for a child. Once they leave the cot, you can buy junior beds and single beds, but the investment in a king single is a one time cost for your child throughout their childhood and adolescence. The larger than single size bed means your child has ample room to grow. It makes sense to buy the one bed for their growing years and just replace the mattress if needed, than to have to replace the whole bed with each growth spurt. Similarly the queen sized bed replaced the double bed in popularity for its extra size.


The king single is the largest of the single beds. Its dimensions are 107cm x 203cm (3ft 6in x 6ft 8in) and all king single beds in Australia are the same dimensions. Thats a lot more bed for your growing child and teen or adult guest than the single bed that is 92cm x 187cm ( 3ft x 6ft 2in).That makes shopping for a king single easy.

A range of styles

The king single bed frame comes in a range of styles. Choose plush cushioned headboards, wooden and painted wooden frames, or replica ornate metal frames of bygone eras. The king single can also come with storage drawers underneath the mattress and a trundle bed on wheels for sleep over guests.

When looking to outfit your home, have a look at eBay to find everything from single mattresses to sturdy king size bed frames.