King Size Mattresses

King Mattresses

Equivalent to the size of two double beds, super-sized king mattresses give you plenty of room to spread out as you sleep. Not only do the mattresses offer lots of space for rolling around and stretching out, but there are many types available for every body type. Some people require a firmer mattress for back support, while others prefer a softer night of sleep. Choosing the right mattress means youll sleep like a baby all night long.

Orthopaedic Options

For an aching back, an orthopaedic mattress is just what the doctor ordered. Created specifically to support the joints, these mattresses offer the comfort your spine needs when you sleep. Typically firm, orthopaedic mattresses keep the neck and back aligned properly to avoid pain and ensure a good night of sleep. The right mattress will remove pressure points and create added comfort to ensure less pain upon waking.

Innerspring Slumber

An innerspring mattress offers the support of springy coils. These traditional mattresses range in support from soft to firm, and allow some measure of give so you feel comfortable. Innerspring options create support by adding foam on top of the coils and on the sides. Choose the right mattress for you by deciding how thick the coils are, as a mattress with a higher number will feel firmer and more supportive, while a mattress with thinner coils is softer. These affordable mattresses keep you cool all night while employing the bounce effect that people love.

Memory Foam Midnight

A newer mattress on the block, memory foam mattresses offer a customised fit that no other mattress provides. Made of thick foam, the high-tech fabric actually moulds to the shape of your body, providing firm support with little give. Memory foam works well for partners who toss and turn, as the foam reduces the chance that youll wake up if your partner shifts about, because there are no springs to move around. The mattresses apply just the right amount of pressure to offer comfort and relief for tired, aching bodies.

Goodnight Gel

Up the ante with gel foam mattresses, which are an updated version of memory foam. Gel mattresses wick heat and moisture away from your body, giving you a cooler night of sleep. The gel works to regulate the temperature of your mattress, keeping it consistent, and the foam keeps your back where it should be, reducing pressure and keeping the neck and spine properly aligned. Feel refreshed and cool and enjoy more support with a gel mattress.

King Mattress Afterpay

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