King Gee has long had a reputation in Australia for high quality, tough wearing work clothes and shoes. It's continued to build on that reputation over the years, developing new fabrics and clothing designs to keep you cool, comfortable, and protected while on the job.

King Gee uniforms

If you're looking for uniform shirts and trousers that your workers will love, have a look at King Gee uniforms. There are a range of long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, trousers, and shorts available, many with WorkCool technology to help avoid overheating.

Hi Vis clothing

Sometimes keeping safe is all about staying visible, and hi vis clothing is a good start. King Gee offer a range of hi vis clothing, including pants, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, vests, and jackets. These typically include reflective strips, so that car and truck headlights light them up to increase night-time visibility, and bright colours to increase daytime visibility.

King Gee shoes and boots

Shoes and boots from King Gee are available in a number of different styles, from joggers to the traditional steel capped work boot. Whatever you need in your work footwear, King Gee has something to suit you. It even has a selection of urban footwear, with sleeker lines but still keeping the safety toes and protection that you'd expect from King Gee.

Compression workwear

You might be used to hearing about compression shirts in the realm of fitness clothing, but they can be useful in work situations too. Compression shirts add gentle inward pressure to the torso and arms, which can increase blood flow and inhibit lactic acid build-up, keeping you working more efficiently for longer. They can also improve your recovery time, so that you're not getting up for work still sore from the previous day.