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Headquartered in California, Kingston is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of quality memory products. Kingston products are renowned for their reliability, a result of stringent testing that ensures their products constantly exceed industry standards. 

Kingston understands how crucial memory is to computer users, both individual and business users. Their products offer customised memory and guarantee 100% compatibility with a whole range of devices, including mobile devices. It uses a DRAM process of dicing and encasing, using only the highest-quality components. Its testing process is one of the best in the industry, testing components at every stage of the process, and constantly invests in its facilities to ensure a world-class manufacturing process. 

Their product range includes hard drive replacement devices, USB drives, flash cards and card readers for desktop, laptop and mobile devices, and feature high-speed memory, and large capacities up to 2TB, perfect for storing photos and videos. Encrypted USBs can also protect data. 

MobileLite Wireless also lets you access your data wherever you are. Specially designed or smartphones and tablets, you can share data, or use it as an emergency battery charger. Perfect for when you're out and about or on holidays. 

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