Keep those carpets and floors clean with a versatile Kirby vacuum   

Maintaining a clean and tidy home can feel like a never-ending chore, but the right equipment helps make life much easier and ensures a job well done each and every time you put in the effort. This is where a Kirby vacuum cleaner really comes to the rescue.   Kirby is a leading U.S. manufacturer of quality home cleaning systems for carpet, floors and furniture, not to mention countless other types of home surfaces that are worth keeping fresh and fantastic.   

Superior Kirby vacuum cleaners   

A classic Kirby upright vacuum is not only an incredibly reliable cleaning appliance, it’s also extremely versatile. You can take advantage of the adjustable cleaning height and three main modes of use – upright, canister or hand-held vacuum – meaning there’s no awkward space you won’t be able to reach.   

That said, we all know optimal vacuum cleaning is about superior air flow, right? Kirby vacuum cleaners use an ultra-strong filter system and disposable HEPA filter bag that make it easy to reduce dust, pick up pet hair, manage mould, and deal with all types of household debris. Now we’re talking!   

Care more for your floors   

But professional grade carpet and floor care can’t always be achieved with a vacuum cleaner alone, can it? Well, it depends on the vacuum cleaner. The latest Kirby home cleaning systems actually feature a multi-surface shampoo system for eradicating those stubborn carpet stains once and for all. You can even shampoo rugs, furniture, pillows, staircases and car interiors with this professional dry foam solution.   

Don’t have any carpet? No big deal, you can use your Kirby vacuum to mop, scrub and polish hard floors made of timber, linoleum, tile and grout.   

Professional vacuum and cleaning accessories   

Beyond your essential new or used Kirby vacuum cleaner, eBay also stocks the Kirby vacuum parts and accessories you need to keep those carpets and floors in great condition for years to come. Go online now to buy replacement vacuum bags, belts, brush rolls, hoses and filters for your Kirby, as well as special dry foam carpet shampoos.