Bottle Brushes

When it comes to kitchen gadgets, one of the most important items you can have in your drawer is a bottle brush. Use it to clean those hard-to-reach areas of cups, bottles, and anything else you can't get to with a washcloth. A bendable handle makes it easy to twist and turn the brush to sanitise your drinking containers. Doing dishes is not everyone's favourite thing to do, so make the task easier with the proper tools that make cleanup a breeze.

Baby Bottles

Keeping your baby healthy, happy, and content is the goal of every parent. The first step to preventing your little one from getting sick is to clean thoroughly with a baby bottle brush each time you wash your baby's bottles. They're powerful enough to get dried-on formula and milk out of the bottom, and smaller brushes are perfect for cleaning the nipples where milk tends to get stuck.

Wine Bottles

Wine bottles make great home decor pieces, but before you can use it as a decorative item, you need to wash it out. A sturdy brush, with a metal stick and nylon bristles that run the entire length of the brush, is ideal for getting tall bottles clean.

Water Bottles

Not all water bottles hold water, which is why it's important to wash the container after each use. You don't want your water to taste like the tea or lemonade you had in the cup last time. Sponge-like brushes are the perfect fit for washing water bottles; it's large enough to clean the sides and bottom simply by moving the tool up and down in the glass.

Everything Else

While many call it a bottle brush, it is actually a universal kitchen gadget. Use it to remove coffee stains from the bottom of your favourite cup, or clean out your tea kettle spout.