Kitchen Funnels


Make Less Mess When Cooking With A Kitchen Funnel

A kitchen funnel allows you to pour liquids and other materials from one container to another without making a huge mess. The funnels usually have a large open top and a small tube at the base that you place inside the second container.

What are kitchen funnels made from?

Most heavy-duty kitchen funnels are made from stainless steel. However, you can also get plastic funnels in various colours. There are also silicone funnels that are collapsible so you can store them away easily in your timber dresser or your stainless steel kitchen trolley as they won’t take up much room.

There are also specialised funnels that you can use for preserving or canning. 

What can kitchen funnels be used for?

Kitchen funnels have so many different uses. If you’ve never owned one before, you’ll be surprised at all the things that you can do with it. Here are just a few uses:

  • Decant olive oil from a large bottle into a smaller dispenser that will sit nicely on the dining table.
  • If you buy large tins of cooking oil, you can use a kitchen funnel to decant some into a smaller bottle that is easier to handle when you’re cooking.
  • Use the funnel to fill small squeeze bottles with tomato and barbecue sauce when you buy them in the large containers. Buying in bulk saves you money but these bulk containers are often difficult to handle.
  • Use a funnel to refill your salt or pepper grinder so that you don’t waste any.
  • Buy your rice in bulk in a large sack and then use the funnel to fill smaller containers that fit neatly on your pantry shelf.
  • Make your own spice blends in a grinder and easily pour these into tiny spice jars using a kitchen funnel.

Another good use for your kitchen funnels is in the bathroom. You know how it’s almost impossible to get the last few squeezes out of a bottle of body wash or shampoo? 

Well, instead of throwing away that last bit in the bottle, you can place a kitchen funnel into a small travel size bottle and upend the almost empty bottle into the funnel. Leave it there for a couple of hours and the remainder of the liquid will end up in the small bottle. You might have to prop it against a wall to keep it upright.