Kitchen Timers

Kitchen Timers

Even if your stove or oven has a kitchen timer or timer display, it’s a good idea to have different kitchen timers on hand, especially if you are preparing multiple foods with different cooking times or if you may be in another part of the home when the food has completed cooking. There are many different types of convenient cooking and kitchen timers available to make cooking and baking a little more seamless, taking the guesswork out of how long the item has been cooking. From the basic twist timer to the old hourglass method, there’s sure to be a timer you’ll feel comfortable using.

Magnetic Kitchen Timers

One of the simplest choices, opt for a magnetic kitchen timer for ease of use. These handy little gadgets attach magnetically to any metal surface, allowing you to place them directly on the stove, on a metal cabinet or on the front of the refrigerator. Because these are so portable, you can also use them in different rooms of the home, should you need to time something else.

Large Display Timers

If you have a bit of trouble seeing small print, having a small kitchen timer with numerals on it can be sometimes hard to see. Consider a large display kitchen timer. You can mount this type of timer nearly anywhere, and its large, digital display easily allows you to see time left for cooking and temperature (depending on the type of the timer). Many of these large display timers also have other functionality.

Counter Timers

If you just need a simple timer for the kitchen or any other room in the home, consider a regular counter timer. Simply spin and wind the timer to the amount of time you wish to set, and a bell will go off when the timer is ready. Also known as an egg timer, you can get these without a motor or dial, and simply use an hourglass to measure time.

Colour Changing Timers

When it comes to kitchen utensils and gadgets, it’s a good idea to have specialty items on hand, such as colour-changing timers. These types of kitchen timers can be dropped into water. When the water (or item being cooked) reaches a certain temperature, the timer changes colour. These timers are especially useful when it comes to cooking eggs.