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KitchenAid Food Processors

KitchenAid food processor mixer attachements and KitchenAid chopping food processors make it easy to prepare a wide variety of different foods. Food processors have blades that chop, slice and dice vegetables according to your needs. You can also prepare dough and pastry with some models. There is a range of different KitchenAid food processors and KitchenAid countertop mixers to choose from, each offering different power and capabilities.


A distinguishing feature of KitchenAid food processors is the ExactSlice system. This innovative system enables you to prepare ingredients with maximum efficiency and precision. This system is very useful for preparing crusts, pesto or slicing vegetables. It is quick and easy to change from thick to thin slicing by sliding the lever attached to the food processor.


KitchenAid food processors feature multiple speed settings, which allows you to select the most suitable speed for each ingredient. Speed settings can be chosen to suit slicing, kneading, chopping and pureeing. The wide mouth makes it easy to insert large items such as potatoes and other root vegetables. There are three different modes to select from including cutting, chopping and pulsing, which makes KitchenAid food processors a vital component for quick and easy food preparation. Food processor motors range from 240W to 650W, with larger motors allowing for more speed and efficiency.


Most KitchenAid food processors come with a bowl of varying size, slicing disc, shredding disc and multipurpose blade. Higher end models may feature a few extra attachments or bowls. Julienne disc, dough blade, food pusher, spatula and a storage case are a few inclusions that may be found on higher end and larger capacity food processors. Replacement blades can be bought if necessary, which provides confidence and assurance. Smaller processors are great for those that are short on space or want to reduce clutter, but larger processors will provide a few extra functions and will be more practical for families.


KitchenAid Food Processors and KitchenAid Countertop Mixers come in a wide range of colours, enabling you to match your home decor. Select from the popular Empire Red, Onyx Black, Contour Silver, Almond Cream, Candy Apple Red and Frosted Pearl.