You can enjoy the earth, wind, and sky in one swoop when flying a kite. Maybe you're a Star Wars fan and enjoy looking up at a replica of Darth Vader as a breeze takes it higher or crashing to the ground. Many families spend time together flying their kites and learning how air affects flight. Whatever your reason, there's a kite and other outdoor toys available for kids of all ages.

Outdoor Toys

Between flying kites, throw a boomerang and wait for it to return to you. Watch kids have fun playing on an outdoor jumping castle that has slides and ball pits to explore. Sandpit toys provide a place for children to build castles and play with toy vehicles. Many examples have built-in cranes to practice shovelling sand into containers or moving it around. Children can swing on outdoor play equipment or jump on trampolines for hours at a time.

Brands and Designs

There are favourite brands available for everyone. Maybe you want a kite portraying a Disney character, such as Elsa from Frozen or Minnie Mouse. Then there are pirate, butterfly, and rainbow trout kites or a zephyr kite that looks menacing and beautiful at the same time. Each brand offers unique designs that appeal to different buyers.

Character Family

You might prefer a kite portraying the superhero personas of Batman and Spider-Man that defend the helpless. Choose other favourite characters to take to the skies, such as the huggable Winnie the Pooh whom everybody loves. Toy Story characters like Sheriff Woody or Buzz Lightyear are preferred choices among children as well as with Barbie and Disney Princess kites.

Age Levels

Kites for younger children ages 3 to 4 include flying octopuses and other kites with trailing tails and arms. The 8 to 11-yearèold group may prefer colourful flying owls or fish. They may like flying a 3D sailboat that has multiple sails to take it higher. On the other hand, teenagers 13 and older can try their hand at flying eagles, cobras, and other stunt kites. Any kite, regardless of the recommended age, seems to appeal to everyone, including adults.