Immersive listening experiences with Klipsch

Ever since the brand was first started back in 1946, Klipsch has been on a mission to provide outstanding sound through a wide range of home audio, speakers, and headphones. So if youre looking to improve the sound of your music, video, or other media systems, discover the great range of Klipsch products here on eBay.

Klipsch speakers

Whilst available in a variety of shapes and sizes, Klipsch speakers and subwoofers all have durability, cutting-edge technology, and stunning sound quality in common. For audio that really fills the room, opt for the Klipsch Synergy series F-10 complete with unique Tractrix Horn technology which expertly offers a unique combination of power, precision and effortless clarity of sound.

The amazingly efficient design produces more power and volume but still using minimal energy, plus it can go much louder than similar models without the sound distorting. Complete with a dynamic 1-inch tweeter, a 6.5-inch subwoofer, and encased in lavish sleek black cabinets, these speakers offer quality and style.

Or if something more compact is on your list of requirements, why not check out a pair of Klipsch Reference Premiere HD wireless bookshelf speakers. Smaller and lighter than their floor-standing counterparts, these outstanding modern speakers are injected with state of the art WiSA technology to ensure no detail is ever lost from the source to the speaker.

With wireless connection to the Klipsch HD control centre and a stunning 100 watt amplifier, these versatile Klipsch bookshelf speakers are not only reliable but theyre easy to lift too. Plus for something a little more retro looking but still offering the same high impact sound, take a look at the Klipsch Reference Surround Channel too.

Klipsch surround sound and sound bars

Whether youre looking for a full home theatre system complete with subwoofer and satellite speakers, or youd prefer a soundbar with your subwoofer instead, the cutting edge technology and design of Klipsch branded products are well worth a look.