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Back trouble?

The office environment places a lot of stress on your health and well-being. You are continuously trying to meet deadlines, rushing from one to meeting to another and not to mention, sitting in uncomfortable chairs for long periods of time. A common workplace casualty is your back. The notorious back pain that results from awkward chairs or incorrect sitting positions can have extremely negative impacts on your body. It is important to look after your body in this fast paced environment. What's the solution? It's very simple, find a suitable office chair. There are a number of office chairs available online at eBay that reduce straining of the back and encourage good posture.

A popular choice to reduce incorrect sitting positions lies with ergonomic office chairs . Ergonomic chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort for the user in the workplace. The chairs reduce the strain on your back and increase your mental focus.

Kneeling chair

One notable example of an ergonomic chair is the kneeling chair. The shape of the chair aims to recreate the natural sitting position and protect your spine. The chair is designed such that the user sits in a partially upright position, with the knees propped at an angle, allowing for a straight back. The half-standing upright posture offered by the kneeling chair enables your body to work on the natural principles of vertebra alignment and correct spinal support.

The kneeling chair is adjustable and comes with well-padded seat and knee pads. It is easy to store and also has wheels for mobility.

The kneeling chair will allow you to avoid the traditional 'hunched' position, improve your posture and reduce, if not eliminate, any spinal issues. By familiarising your body with the correct spinal alignment, the kneeling chair enables you to develop a natural state of self-reliance for your spine. With the kneeling chair, you can say goodbye to back pain and spinal discomfort. Take a look on eBay for a kneeling chair today!

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