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Knitting Machines

Knitting machines for all abilities

If you are serious about knitting but dont have the time to handknit anymore, a knitting machine is a boon, as this clever piece of kit will allow you to produce work fast, and efficiently, once youve mastered the basics.

There are a large selection of knitting machines for sale on eBay, available from leading manufacturer brands such as Singer, Brother, and Bond, including those suitable for all levels of ability. There are also a range of knitting machine parts and accessories to choose from, should you be looking to improve your existing machine.

Gauge and pattern options

Knitting machines are available across several different gauges including fine, standard, mid, and chunky knit so before you make a purchase, decide on the type of knitwear youd prefer to produce, which will vary the types of yarn you get. Different patterning choices are also available including those machines which offer manual, push button, punch card, or electronic options.

Knitting machine basics

Knitting machines are used to knit flat pattern pieces, with work hanging down at the machine front, and the reverse side facing the knitter. The machine is used to make part of your chosen garment piece by positioning the correct number of needles before casting on, and each time the knit carriage passes over these needles, a row is knitted.

Most knitting machines comprise several components to make knitting easier including tension mast, a metal needle bed, gate posts, knit carriage or double carriage on bigger machines, row counter, and extension rails, with some professional level machines featuring specialised tools. Knitting machines can carry out several stitching techniques automatically, however, the knitter must perform all the shaping (as with hand knitting), by increasing or decreasing the number of needles in use, at any given time.

Metal bed machines often come fitted with a ribbing attachment, which will allow you to knit both knit and purl stitches, with the simple push of a carriage. Some standard gauge machines also feature a garter carriage, which is great for textured stitches.

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