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Knitting Machines

Crocheting or knitting can be a nice activity that you do when watching TV or simply relaxing on the sofa. However, if you are not doing it just for fun and actually want to make something, a knitting machine can cut your knitting time significantly. Manually, you form one stitch at a time, but with a machine, your simple push of the carriage could create a fast 200 stitches. While the machine handles all the boring parts, such as repetitive pattern, you can focus on planning fun machine knitting patterns to change things up.


The gauges on knitting machines determine what kind of yarn or thread you can use. Fine gauges are for lace weight to fingering-weight yarns. Standard gauges accommodate for fingering weight, sock weight, and baby weight yarns. Mid-gauges are compatible with sport weight to light worsted yarns, while the bulky gauges go with handspun and bulkier weight or heavy worsted weight yarns. The bigger the gauge, the bigger the needles as well.


When choosing a knitting machine, consider what kind of stitches you require. The stitch functions are typically exclusive of one another within a row, but you can combine various types across your knitting. Most of the functions are fully automatic and thus easy to operate. The types depend on how the needles move on the machine. Common stitch types include fine lace, thread lace, slip stitch, fair isle, skip stitch, weaving, tuck stitch, intarsia, and plating.

Machine Size

Unless you plan to set up an entire knitting industry at your home, you need a simple machine that easily fits onto the table. Most knitting machines are, in fact, portable. If you simply need to knit and do not want too many accessories to start with, the machine does not take up too much space. However, make sure you have a table big enough for the machine and also has some space for your knitting.


The right accessories can make your knitting machine a true powerhouse. Lace carriages allow you to work with intricate lace patterns and even mix them with colour and texture patterns. The ribbing attachment helps to knit both purl and stitches at once. Charting devices make creating your own designs a breeze, allowing you to draw a knitted piece and then follow it row by row.

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