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Knitting needles for your bag of tricks

Whether you're a knitting novice or purl stitch pro, you'll know that quality knitting needles form the real basics of every knitter's essential kitbag. So, whatever your next creative project, there is a wide and plentiful choice of knitting needles to browse here on eBay, from standard 6 mm needles to entire interchangeable sets.

Types of knitting needle

A knitting needle can vary greatly in size and material, so it is advisable to check the label on the yarn or wool you're using for suggested size. Whatever size needle you need, you're sure to find it easily in this extensive range.

Single point or straight needles come in a large variety of sizes and are traditional style needles for row-upon-row flat knitting. Double-point needles will allow you to knit tubes of knitting in the round, suitable for turning sock heels.

Circular needles are made up of short needle tips of 4 or 5 inches long, joined with a flexible cord. Circular knitting needles enable knitting "in the round", where it's possible to have very long rounds of stitches on the needle, ideal when working with seamless sweaters and shawls.

Knitting needle material

Knitting needles can be purchased in wood, bamboo, plastic, or metal, and, as you become a more proficient knitter, you'll soon learn that different needle materials work better for certain projects.

The most commonplace needles are metal, which allows for a smooth, fast motion, and are the perfect needles for more fibrous yarns. These have the pointiest tips which will help when using certain yarn weights and with complex lacework.

Naturally textured wood and bamboo knitting needles offer hairy yarns more grip on the needle and make good choices for those who are prone to hand ache or arthritis.

Plastic knitting needles are easy to grip and often come in bright colours, perfect for trying to convince the kids to get involved in your favourite hobby.