Bring your favourite books with you with a Kobo device

Kobo eReaders have soared in popularity ever since they first came out in 2009. Not only have these eReaders shown themselves to be handy, compact, and versatile, they have a 'ComfortLight' display instead of a backlit one. This means that unlike a laptop that is harder to use in direct sunlight thanks to the glare on the screen, with a Kobo eReader you can easily read as many eBooks as you like without straining your eyes.

Additionally, literally thousands of free to download eBooks can be stored on the one convenient device, so you don't need to worry about carrying loads of bulky paperbacks with you when you're out and about.

Kobo eReaders

Some of the bestselling Kobo tablets are from the ultra-modern Aura range. Available in three screen sizes including 6-inch, 6.8-inch, and the supersized 7.8-inch, the particularly popular Kobo Aura ONE device stands out from the crowd. Not just popular for its stylish design and ease of use typical of the whole Aura range, but it's the only one that's totally waterproof.

Great for anyone who loves to read next to the pool on holiday or whilst relaxing in the bath as there's no more worrying about dropping your eReader in the water and ruining it. And speaking of holidays, you can leave your charger at home, as just one fully charged battery will power your device for up to one whole month.

Plus the automatic light setting mimics the sun's real-time progression across the sky, giving you the perfect brightness depending on the time of day. This also means that if you read in bed, you can also enjoy nighttime reading without feeling dazzled and wide away, so will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Kobo Glo eReaders are also highly popular models, featuring Wi-Fi and up to 4 GB of storage for all your favourite books.