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Koi Fish Food

Koi fish are perfect for outdoor ponds, and there are few things as serene as watching these beautiful, colourful fish swim and twirl in the water. Take care of your fish with the proper diet including specific koi fish food to meet your fish's nutritional needs. Feeding fish the proper koi fish food ensures a long life and health while allowing koi to flourish as they receive the nutrients they need. Like people, koi may have their favourite types of food, so experiment until you find the food your fish love.


Since flakes float on the surface of the pond or aquarium, they are easy for koi to get to and eat. Flakes work well for smaller fish, and they're simple to digest. Some fish owners don't use flakes because they can dirty the water, but today's brands offer special formulas of koi pond food that keep the water clear. The downside to flakes is that they disintegrate quickly, which doesn't allow fish as much time to grab them if they don't get to the flakes right away. Since gulping air at the surface can cause health issues, experts recommend if your fish do love flakes, indulge them in the sinking kind versus the floating flakes.


Some types of food include all water types koi fish food, which makes it simple to shop since you don't have to buy food for specific water types, such as freshwater. Pellets are generally one of the most popular choices when it comes to feeding koi fish, and that's usually because they disintegrate slowly, allowing all of your koi to get to the food, and they sink so fish don't have to come to the surface to nibble, eliminating health problems that come from swallowing air as they eat. Packed with plenty of nutrition, pellets come in different sizes, but it's advised to feed koi smaller pellets instead of large ones due to easier digestion.


Food shaped like sticks isn't that much different from pellets as far as nutritional content go. Sticks are lighter than dense pellets, and sticks may be easier to chew for some koi, especially smaller fish that have a hard time getting their mouths around thicker pellets. Sticks may cost more in the long run, but only because they may be easier to eat and digest than other types of foods, due to the fact that they absorb water faster. Sticks leave water clear and uncloudy, which may make them preferential over some types of flakes. You can purchase floating or sinking sticks depending on your fish's preferences and needs.

Holiday Food

When you go away on holiday, your fish still need nutrition. Turn to holiday food options to keep them fed and happy while you're not there. Holiday food typically comes in solid blocks, and the blocks release food pieces over a period of time, ensuring fish stay fed around the clock. These come in different brands, sizes and flavours, and dissolve in the water to gradually release food. Some blocks have additional features, such as maintaining your pond's pH while you're away. Most blocks work for koi as well as goldfish, and work for up to a few weeks depending on their size.