Own the roads with a Kona bike

Named after the refreshing winds of Hawaii, the Kona brand was started in 1988 in Canada and has since gone on to become one of the most highly considered bicycle manufacturers in the world. Well known for its innovative mountain bike designs and now for making road bikes and commuter offerings. Through Konas long history its designers have believed in creating simple, effective solutions to offer the biggest improvements in its products as well as in cycling as a whole.

Kona bicycles

With a fantastic choice of bikes in a variety of bold, sharp colours for both men and women, Kona specialises in combining super lightweight frames with thick durable tyres. The wheels themselves are also made from double walled alloy, meaning the spokes are no only extremely strong and buckle-resistant, they dont rust or tarnish either. Each Kona bicycle also comes equipped with highly efficient Shimano hydraulic brakes, so you know that every time you squeeze the brake trigger youll stop quickly and safely.

For something a little more sedate looking, the Africabike is precisely what it sounds like: a bike for Africa. Specially designed by Kona for the Bike Town project, this bike was actually built to help health workers deliver antiretroviral drugs to HIV sufferers. A great bike for every day use, despite its heavier 19 kg frame, the handy luggage rack and front basket are great for carrying your essentials

Kona bicycle components and parts

Keep your bicycle perfectly maintained with a variety of replacement Kona parts and components. Not only is it worth keeping you Kona bike looking smart, its also important to make sure it remains totally safe to use. Easy to find and great value, no matter which Kona model youre looking for, explore the wide range available of Kona bikes and parts here on eBay, from replacement tyres, forks, and handlebars to mountain bikes.