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Kookai Women's Jumpsuits

Kookai Womens Jumpsuit

The brand that brings you chic and contemporary Paris-inspired fashion offers its own take on the trendy one-piece with Kookai womens jumpsuits. Available in a variety of different designs, these easy-to-wear pieces are figure flattering and fun to style. Dress jumpsuits up or down and wear them all year round, depending on the design, and enjoy benefits like not having to match separate pieces while creating a casual, comfortable look thats always in style.


Jumpsuits arent limited to one look. Thats what makes these looks so versatile. Kookai womens jumpsuits, rompers and playsuits come in both pantsuits and romper versions, depending on whether you want a jumpsuit with shorts or pants on the bottom. Both options offer flexibility, as there are short suits with strappy tops or long sleeves, along with pantsuits that have spaghetti straps. Kookai pantsuits generally fall ankle-length, while the short playsuits hit mid-thigh. Obviously a shorter look will be more casual, while a pantsuit looks a bit more dressy.


Jumpsuit fabrics vary by style and design. Some offer sturdy acetate fabric blended with a bit of stretch for maximum mobility, while others offer a lightweight cotton design. Select a sleeveless polyester jumpsuit thats easy care or a luxurious 100 per cent silk playsuit thats whisper soft. Some playsuits offer a more structured look with thicker fabric, while others fit loosely and offer a more relaxed fit and feel. For a bit of added texture and depth, opt for a jacquard playsuit thats patterned.


Though you can always select a solid-coloured jumper, those arent the only options. If you do go with a more subtle style, select black, white, tan or pink styles and dress them up or down as you desire. Alternately, opt for a patterned suit with graphic prints, floral designs, stripes or animal prints. Tropical coloured flower jumpsuits look perfect for poolside lounging, while sleek polka-dotted playsuits are fun for a day out. Some jumpsuits have accents, like a bow at the bodice that draws attention to a keyhole cutout, adjustable straps or a flattering V-neck design.

Styling Jumpsuits

When you wear ankle-length pantsuits, create the illusion of longer legs by pairing them with heels. Short rompers look great with sandals or heels. To create an outfit with more dimension, slip on a sweater or blazer with a strappy jumpsuit or add a patent leather belt for a polished, elegant look. Slip on a necklace to accentuate a V-neck suit, and add a denim jacket over a floral jumpsuit for fun contrast and a casual feel for breezy, warm evenings.