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Australian family-owned women’s fashion label KOOKAÏ, based out of Melbourne (Australia) is all about confidence, femininity and independent style. Designed exclusively out of the brand’s Paris and Melbourne studios, KOOKAÏ strive to create footwear that continue to inspire.

founded in France in 1983, Australian KOOKAÏ founders, Danielle Vagner and Robert Cromb brought KOOKAÏ from the catwalks of Paris to the wardrobes of Australian women, opening up a boutique in 1992 in Melbourne’s renowned Chapel St fashion district.

Today as much as it was 3 decades ago, KOOKAÏ are forever chic and stay true to their core proposition, empowering women to express their femininity and independence whenever they step out in KOOKAÏ style.

The design arm of the KOOKAÏ business, is supported by manufacturing teams in Sri Lanka and Fiji, who produce KOOKAÏ collections with a sustainable business vision to supply boutiques across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and online and set the standard for women’s fashion trends.

Sustainable Business

KOOKAÏ’s sustainable business mantra is focussed on creating the most beautiful women’s fashion, whilst pursuing an ethical approach to its production.

Environmentally Responsible

Trends come and go, however it is our collective responsibility to reduce fast fashion, by purchasing clothing by brands that produce premium quality garments that are built to last and worn again and again. KOOKAÏ focus on this by sourcing materials and fabrics that have proven sustainable origins.

Giving Back

KOOKAÏ created their own charitable endeavour in 2012 to harness the charitable work that the business has been involved with across the previous 2 decades. It has been created to drive sustainable, ongoing change to empower those in poverty to lift themselves up.

The endeavour has made a significant impact in Fiji, providing medical assistance and care to remote, poorer villages, building water purification systems, schools, churches and roads, creating training courses and generating employment for local workers to have last careers and support their families. 

As the charitable endeavour continues to grow, it will branch out into other parts of the world.

The KOOKAÏ team also sponsor more than 100 children around the world.

Mindful Manufacturing 

One of the main reasons KOOKAÏ partner with their Fiji-based team is that they sport a respectable human-rights record as compared to some other manufacturing destinations, which meant that they could open manufacturing ensure operational oversight and transparency, whilst producing the finest in women’s fashion.

KOOKAÏ’s Fijian employees number just under 1,000 and 78% of these are women, who produce a large proportion of the KOOKAÏ Basics collection. Along with providing ongoing training for the Fijian team, university scholarships have also been created for the children of workers in an effort to illustrate and commit to ongoing growth and development of people in the region. 

The Sri Lankan KOOKAÏ team produce the KOOKAÏ Fashion Collection with 76% female staff and around 600 Sri Lankan local residents.

KOOKAÏ is dedicated to reducing environmental impact and is consistently monitoring and review its approach to production and supply chain solutions. Plus, as part of their commitment to sustainable business KOOKAÏ are committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Kookai Swimwear

Soak up summer in respected, Australian-owned brand KOOKAÏ, with the cutest and latest high-quality bikinis and swim wear that is built to last. 

Get nautical with KOOKAÏ’s striped bikini set, Toscana print Sorrento bikini top, range of gorgeous one-piece swim wear, Paradise set and more.

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Kookai Shoes for Women

Kick-off the work week in a fashionista’s dream with KOOKAÏ women's shoe collection, which features a deep and diverse range of wedges, heels and flats, for whatever occasion you need. 

Set-off that sleek cocktail party dress with a set of nude Aleisha Hells and stand a head and shoulders above the rest, to turn the head of every woman and man at the event. Or rock KOOKAÏ’s Black Suede Lucy heels to give your height and confidence just that little extra boost.

Keep it casual on weekends and join the girls at brunch at the café wearing the cutest and simple Kookai sandals.

There are so many styles and sizes you can shop and search to ensure you feel feminine, confident and individualistic, every single time you step out of the house.

Kookai Dresses for Women

Snap up the latest seasonal trends in women’s fashion and dresses through KOOKAÏ

Upgrade with a little eBay retail therapy and shop by length (short, midi, knee length or long), size, colour, occasion, material, neckline, season and style. There are so many styles to choose from too!

From that little black dress to something a little more summery or casual, KOOKAÏ

Bodycon, wrap dresses, maxis, shirt dresses, A-line, dungaree, jacket dress, knit dresses, slip dresses and more. There are so many to choose from!

Power up and give yourself a confidence boost with something seasonal and new or go hunting for that something special and retro.

Kookai Skirts for Women

Whether you’re craving a more classic, timeless style to wow yourself and others in the workplace or a micro mini for date night, there is a KOOKAÏ skirt for everyone.

Above the knee, knee-length, below knee, mini or micro minis can easily be found and then the style is all up to you! From wraps and sarongs to pleated skirts, straight and pencil skirts, A-line or asymmetrical, the is an abundance of choice!

KOOKAÏ skirts for women are absolute wardrobe essentials!

Kookai Pants for Women

Designed by KOOKAÏ teams in Melbourne and Paris, KOOKAÏ pants are the way forward for the most prestige look and femininity. Whether you wish to pay between $50 - $100 or over $150, there are a range of colours, sizes and styles created to suit every budget.

Crisp, white Willow pants, French jeans with distressed knees, New York jeans, Dayna pants, the black-Tie Side pants, Oyster pants, scuba pants and more!

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