Expand Your Currency Collection with Korean Paper Money

A collection of currency from a single country can start to feel monotonous, especially if all of the banknotes have similar designs. Adding a few pieces of Korean paper money from the vast selection on eBay can add a splash of variety to your currency collection and give you a tangible connection to Korean culture at the same time.

Which series of Korean banknotes should you collect?

Korea takes a unique approach to currency. Unlike most nations, which divide their banknotes into series based on when they were released, Korea assigns series numbers within a single denomination. That means that the first Bank of Korea 10 won note is in the first series, the second 10 won note is in the second, and so on. That can lead to some confusion due to changes in the denominations that the country used over time. The system means that if you want to collect a variety of denominations, you can get all of them in a single series. If you'd prefer to focus on a single denomination, you will need to get one from each of multiple series. Inexpensive Korean paper money pieces from different series and denominations are available on eBay.

How to pick top-quality old Korean paper money

Any piece of currency that has seen use will have experienced some wear and tear over time. If you want to get Korean paper money that is in perfect condition, you should look for uncirculated bank notes. You can also find plenty of banknotes with a history of use that has given them their own quirks. You should look at those notes carefully for signs of wear, such as creases, folds, and tears, before deciding if they will be a good fit with your collection. You can also look for banknotes whose quality level has been professionally certified if you want to be sure that their condition is within your preferred range. Of course, you can also find used Korean paper money that has been circulated but still may hold appeal to collectors.

Which won notes have historical value to collectors?

If you prefer to collect currency with historical significance, you have several different options from Korea. There are commemorative notes for a variety of events that can add some variety to your collection of Korean currency or look good when paired with commemorative money from other nations. Many of the bank notes that started to come into use in 2006 stand out for the introduction of a variety of new security features that help to prevent forgery. There are also particularly old examples that predate the modern Bank of Korea, such as the notes from the Bank of Chosen. Other notes that may be of interest include the Bank of Korea 10 won note, the Bank of Korea 500 won note and even North Korean currency for sale.