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Korg Electronic Keyboards

Get creative with Korg keyboards

Korg keyboards and digital pianos are great instruments to play. They offer you all of the capabilities of a grand piano but without any of the bulk. They can also be connected to a computer with a Midi cable as well. When you buy a keyboard, there is a high chance that you will also get a synthesizer and this will give you the chance to use your keyboard as a digital piano.

Computer Connectivity

Most Korgs can be connected to a computer in the same way as a keyboard controller. You can connect them via a Midi, FireWire, MLan and more. Interfaces can be external or built into a keyboard. A Korg will usually come with a USB or even a MIDI port and this enables the user to connect to their PC easier than ever before.


Another common feature in Korgs is the Arpeggiator. This is when a series of chords can be played on a keyboard in succession as opposed to one at once. Digital keyboards can do this with no problems, as the Arpeggiator is created electronically.

Another feature is the sampler, which records digital audio and allows it to then be altered and played back. Korgs are known for having this feature, and therefore are very popular with budding musicians who play the keyboard or piano.


A Korg will also come with a synthesiser in most instances. They have a unique sound and have knob controls. The distinct sounds that can be created allow the user to create a huge range of digital synths on their instrument and all while remaining in key. On a keyboard, the key you press will usually translate to another instrument. Its also possible to connect your Korg to an external storage device, and this allows the pianist to record a huge number of tracks at any one time.