Kreepy Krauly

 Want your pool to be summer ready all year long? Maybe its time to invest in a reliable pool cleaner that will keep the bottom of your pool sparkling clean.At eBay, we have a range of pool cleaners available from popular brands such as Kreepy Krauly. Before you dive in and buy a Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner, there are some things that you should consider.

What kind of pool cleaner?

Most Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners are suction cleaners that use a hose to attach to the skimmer box. They clean the pool using the suction created by the skimmer box and filter system. However, there are two types of suction cleaners available. The first is an inertia driven action cleaner, this will clean in a random pattern. This type of cleaner is great for pools with curved walls and no sharp corners. Be aware this can be a slow machine.There are also greased suction cleaners available from Kreepy Krauly. These move in a pre-determined pattern and are perfect for smaller pools with tight corners and ledges. Greased suction cleaners are more time efficient depending on the brand.Pressure cleaners and robotic cleaners may also be available from different pool cleaning brands.

Features to consider

There are added features to consider when buying a pool cleaner. You must think about adjustability, hose length and ability to navigate the steps. Adjustability relates to how well your pool cleaner can deal with different sized pools. Some pool cleaners come with adjustable hose buoyancy, flow pressure, and varying hose lengths. These will help if your pool is not a standard size. If you have steps or a pool cover, pool cleaner attachments are available to help your Kreepy Krauly navigate around them.Hop online and browse eBay today for a range of Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners and attachments.