Get an authentic cinema experience at home with Krix speakers

In 1974, Scott Krix took the initiative to create speakers that deliver high quality and crisp sound, garnering the attention of Australian cinemas that used his inventions for their film screenings. Now it's possible to have a cinema experience at home with sound systems specifically designed to make your hairs stand on end.

There is a wide range of products that Krix has created over the years. These span from home entertainment to commercial cinema. For the household, it is possible to purchase various speakers such as those that sit on a bookshelf to liven up a room, floor-standing speakers to act as an extension of your home theatre set up and surround sound for full immersion.

The more ambitious speakers include those that reside within the walls and ceilings of your home, that can be subtly hidden to save space in rooms without running the risk of sacrificing the performance of sound quality. Weather resistant outdoor speakers also provide the opportunity to add atmosphere when hosting parties and social gatherings.

Specific speakers can be purchased for a home cinema arrangement tailored to different sized rooms to optimise the sound quality of extreme bass and smooth frequency response. The series SX is ideal for small to medium-sized rooms and the series X models are for larger rooms. The series MX is a range of modular systems that sit behind the screen to imitate a cinema.

The cinema-grade speakers, which Krix has been producing for several years for cinemas both nationally and internationally, are designed to handle high power. Soundtracks are delivered with control and viewers can feel every footstep and intense battle cry. The two-way screen speakers are the baseline of every great cinema experience, and Krix goes the extra mile offering three and four-way speakers to deliver the maximum clarity. The surround sound and subwoofer systems provide immersion and impact like never experienced before to capture and enthral an audience.