Delicious coffee, every time with KRUPS

KRUPS began its journey towards perfect coffee back in 1846 as "a brand dedicated to precision and technical perfection". These high ideals were not enough for the passionate founder, Robert Krups, who insisted this would not be some future objective but a promise. Today, KRUPS makes a high-quality range of stylish espresso machines, from traditional pump espresso machines to KRUPS automatic coffee machines for the coffee connoisseur.

KRUPS coffee machines

Whether you love frothy cappuccinos and americanos, or a good strong Espresso is the only thing for you in the morning, you're bound to find the perfect KRUPS coffee machine for you. Each KRUPS coffee machine produces cup of cup of delicious filter coffee thanks to its metal conical burr grinder for precise and uniform grinding. Plus for easy maintenance, KRUPS machines come with a handy onscreen maintenance guide and removable drip tray with an automatic level alert so you know when its time to empty it.

Great for families and couples alike, KRUPS coffee machines come with a big enough capacity to make up to 17 hot drinks before needing to be topped up, amounting to nine black cups, including espresso, doppio, and americano, and eight white cups of latté, cappuccino, or flat white, so there really is something for everyone.

Or if it's an espresso machine that you're looking for, the KRUPS XP4030 pump espresso machine features a 15-BAR pump and a thermoblock heating element to give you the ideal temperature and pressure for perfect espresso extraction. Plus, with the large metal selector dial, you are free to easily switch from brewing espresso to frothing delicious hot milk.

Other KRUPS machines

Keep your new KRUPS coffee or espresso machine clean, topped up and well maintained with the great selection of accessories. Other machines are available, from KRUPS ice cream machines to toasters and food processors, letting you kit out your kitchen with functional devices.