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Why choose Kumfs?

The Kumfs brand was established with one purpose in mind, comfort. The brand was created originally in 1933 by two podiatrists who wanted to create a brand which was beneficial to your feet and provide the support which most pairs of shoes are missing. The kumfs brand also marketed under the name of Ziera. So if you see shoes from this brand they are both from the same company. These shoes are designed for maximum comfort, stability and durability. 70 years have passed and the core mission has not changed. They are still in the business of designing shoes that look good and feel even better!

Kumfs for women

Kumps, or Ziera, have a great range of orthopaedic shoes, perfect for those looking for comfort. Each pair has their own removable inlay and plenty of room inside for custom inserts should you need them. Not only that, but they also have a range of stylish designs to choose from so you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. The wide range of styles available make them suitable for any occasion. No more ugly orthopaedic shoes ruining yourcarefully put together outfit!

They are a great choice for work shoes as they can be worn at length without any pain or discomfort to your feet, ideal for those who stand for extended period of time. You can find them as casual sneakers, work shoes, sandals and even heels! Who knew heels could be comfortable? The shoes have a unique support system inside which will keep you feeling comfortable for longer with Kumfs! You will certainly feel the difference instantly.

Try out a pair today on eBay by exploring the range. Your feet will thank you.