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Kyosho Audi Diecast Vehicles

Take these Kyosho Audi diecast vehicles for a ride

Kyosho is one of the world’s most popular model carmakers, and has been producing realistic small-scale replicas of automobiles since 1963. Based out of Tokyo, Japan, the company has become the official supplier of luxury miniature car models, including Audi and BMW. Kyosho has produced car replicas in 1/8, 1/10, 1/50 and 1/28 scale models, which allows collectors and car enthusiasts to choose from a great range of model car sizes to add to their collection. eBay has dozens of excellent options from which you can choose, so you can easily add a great new piece to your miniature garage.

What are Kyosho Audi diecast vehicles?

Kyosho Audi diecast vehicles are limited edition models of full size luxury vehicles in Audi’s fleet, including the Audi A4, A6, Roadster and Sports vehicle editions.

Kyosho Audi diecast car replicas

Producing high-end collectable Audi cars in diecast models, Kyosho’s limited edition series of model collectors cars is a coveted addition to many car model collections. Sportback SUVs, Coupe and A and Q Audi vehicles have all gotten the diecast treatment, ready to make their home in your model diecast vehicle display case.

Kyosho Audi Roadster series diecast vehicles

A small and sleek convertible vehicle, the Audi Roadster is a dynamic choice of car for the model toy car enthusiast.

Kyosho Audi Sports vehicle replicas

Sports and racing fans will appreciate Kyosho’s range of Audi Sports cars. These racers are most often seen on the speedway rather than cast in miniature metal, but they can look just as striking in miniature form with the incredible care and craftsmanship on display here. Seeing Kyosho’s detailing in the fine brand painting of sponsor companies, paired with Audi’s sheer quality, makes these model cars a true sport-lover’s dream.

If you don’t have thousands of dollars to splash on a full-sized speedster, the right diecast car, truck or van can make a great substitute. Check out the great range of Kyosho Audi diecast cars and grab a little piece of history today.