LED Bicycle Lights and Reflectors

LED Bicycle Lights and Reflectors

Helping you see, and others see you, while on the road, LED bicycle lights and reflectors are essential if youre riding at night. They ensure that vehicle drivers can see you from a distance and that you can see where youre riding in areas that have poor lighting. Most bicycle lights now use LED bulbs due to their reduced power usage and reliability, as well as the higher levels of brightness they offer.

Mounting a Bicycle Light

Manufacturers often equip bicycle lights with a mounting device that you can attach to your handlebars or helmet for illumination at the front and to your seat post for rear lighting. Look for lightweight bicycle lights that wont add significantly to your overall bike frame weight.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bicycle Lights and Reflectors

Lumens measure the brightness of a bicycle light, with the more lumens meaning greater power. Make sure your bicycle light comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and check what the run time is so you know what the lights battery life will be. In addition to standard lights, you can also find LED bicycle flashing lights and reflectors and solar powered LED bicycle lights and reflectors.