LED Camping and Hiking Head Torches

Whether camping, walking or hiking at night or even working on machinery in the dark, head torches are useful for any application when you need your hands free. Depending on your needs though, its not as simple as picking out a new one. If you want to round out your camping supplies, you may only want something that gets you from the campfire to the tent at night. On the other hand, if you plan to go trail running, you may want something stronger.

Lamp Brightness and Battery Power

One of the first considerations for a head torch is the lamp brightness. LEDs can pack a lot of brightness into a small space. Of course, the brighter the output, the more power needed. Oftentimes, a headlamp of 100 to 200 lumens satisfies needs such as night-time trail running or camping. AAA battery LED head torches would be suitable. On the other hand, you might find a rechargeable LED head torch to be more practical.

Weight and Watertight

Undoubtedly as your need for a head torch varies, so will the weight of the equipment. You should keep in mind that the unit will be sitting on your head, potentially for an extended period. The number of batteries as well as the housing of the LED add to the weight on your neck. Additionally, consider a model you can use outside in rainy weather. IP or water tightness ratings go up to IPX8. You may not find a head torch that is completely waterproof, but look for one in the IPX4 range for watertightness in the rain.

Torch LED Colours

While you may not need an LED of a different colour for your camping lights, head torches do come in different colours. If you are looking to preserve your night vision or get close to nocturnal animals, you should consider red LEDs for your torch.


A head torch that comes with a lens can help you focus the light in different ways. Some range in focus with one lens or come with multiple lenses for your needs. For example, you might use a wide lens or no lens for night fishing.