LEDs Lights

Lights for any occassion

Summertime in Australia is all about spending time in and around the water. If not the beach, the pool or the spa. With some summers, the heatwaves are so intense that the backyard pool seems a better option.

There is a vast variety of pool equipment and parts available on eBay that make enjoying a dip in your own backyard all the more attractive. Investing in some LED pool and spa lights is an excellent way to liven up a pool party!

Colours and effects

There are a number of different eye-catching colours available and some LED lights contain a mixture of colours in one light. The array of colours are a result of a microprocessor chip that mixes green, red and blue. You can also choose lighting effects to spice it up, maybe a little disco theme or flashing intervals. The power lies with you.

Product features

Watch your pool and spa as they light up in colour and enjoy an underwater bewitching experience. You can control the LED pool lights and spa lights with a remote control. The lights are made of high quality material and contain long life LEDs. The dome shape of the lights allow maximum output. The installation process is an easy one and suitable for a range of swimming pools. Each light takes approximately three AAA batteries. During the installation, be sure to test each light separately before attaching to the pool or spa. You want to enjoy the underwater experience as soon as possible, not continuously attach and unattach the lights. Or you can look for LED pool lights and spa lights that are solar powered and require no batteries.

The range of pool equipment and parts on eBay is wide and varied and can help you give your pool a complete makeover. Check it out and give yourself a chance to have a deeper enjoyment of your pool.