LEE Filters for stunning photos every time

Founded way back in 1967, LEE Filters designs and manufactures professional handmade colour filters and gels specifically aimed at lighting, film, and photography enterprises. Both neutral density and graduated neutral density filter options make the brand the go-to choice for landscape photographers and cinematographers, ensuring there's a camera lens filter for everyone.

LEE Filters light stopper kits

Stopper kits allow you to adjust the amount of light which comes in through the lens of your camera. This allows you more ability to change the shutter speed and exposure to achieve the perfect image you want. LEE Filters stoppers are ideal for lengthening exposure times so that anything which is moving when the picture was taken becomes blurry and eery looking.

Stoppers are also great for capturing a tangible sense of the passage of time in your pictures too. Stoppers aren't just limited to landscapes though, they're also perfect for blurring people's faces or showing something in motion like vehicles.

LEE Filters grad sets

Made from optically correct resin, LEE Filters grad sets are mainly for use with 100 mm lenses, but individual filters can be purchased easily in a range of sizes. Usable with both digital and film cameras, grad sets generally contain graduated resin filters that enable you to adjust the exposure of a particular area of the photograph without changing the colour balance.

Exposure can be controlled by one, two, and three stops. When you photograph a landscape where the sky is far brighter than the foreground, by placing the neutral density filter onto the sky, you can reduce the amount of exposure without affecting the foreground. This helps to define clouds and other details and avoids overexposure.

Whatever LEE camera lens filter or accessory you're looking for, you'll find a wide range available here on eBay.