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LEGO has been delighting kids around the world for decades with its colourful and creative building sets. The humble interlocking brick may not look like much to the untrained eye, but it opens up endless possibilities when paired with a child’s imagination.Whether building from a planned design or improvising, LEGO sets provide hours of entertainment (and a bit of education) that has firmly cemented their place in the toy hall of fame.

LEGO Set Themes

There are many different types of LEGO sets available for every interest. People of all ages can enjoy recreating scenes from their favourite movies, programming robots, and building iconic historical landmarks with LEGO sets. Some of the most popular LEGO themes are:

  • Star Wars: Padawans, Jedi, and Sith lords will all find a lot to like in LEGO’s expansive Star Wars collection. You can build the Millennium Falcon, an Imperial Star Destroyer, Yoda’s Hut, a Snowspeeder, and more. The LEGO Star Wars theme has been popular for years, so there are plenty of new and used sets to choose from on eBay.
  • Harry Potter: From the halls of Hogwarts to Diagon Alley, you can recreate your favourite locations from the world of Harry Potter with these fully licensed LEGO sets. Fans young and old will appreciate the attention to detail by LEGO’s designers, making these sets must-haves for any student of the magical arts.
  • Friends: The LEGO Friends theme recreates everyday scenes with a bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure. Kids can build their own town complete with homes, restaurants, vehicles, and more. The Friends collection is a great option if you’re looking to steer clear of movie or TV tie-ins.
  • NINJAGO: Kids join forces with master ninjas as they battle the forces of evil, have adventures alongside dragons, and travel around the world in incredible vehicles. The NINJAGO theme also had its own TV shows and movie, so many kids are familiar with the characters.
  • LEGO Dimensions: LEGO Dimensions toys connect to various gaming consoles to bring characters to life. While this line has been discontinued, you can still find LEGO Dimensions sets for sale on eBay.
  • LEGO Batman: The Dark Knight would’ve been a big fan of LEGO—after all, the Batcave is full of cool custom creations. Now you don’t have to be the head of Wayne Industries to build the Batmobile or Batwing. There are plenty of new and used LEGO Batman sets that cover multiple iterations of the character, from the classic TV show to the blockbuster live-action movies. Kids can clean up the brick version of Gotham City with a fleet of Bat-tastic vehicles designed to stop evil in its tracks.
  • Minecraft: Based on the popular video game, LEGO Minecraft brings building into the real world with innovative sets kids are sure to recognise from their digital adventures. They’ll love the theme while parents will like the tactile interaction that just can’t be found in an app.
  • LEGO City: Kids can build their own sprawling metropolis with LEGO City sets, which include classic settings like the police station, airport, and space centre.
  • Architecture: Designed primarily for teens and adults, the LEGO Architecture sets let you recreate world-famous cities and landmarks. From the Sydney Opera House to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you can bring the world into your home with LEGO Architecture sets.
  • Mindstorms: Mindstorms are kits that contain software, hardware, interlocking pieces, sensors, motors, and an intelligent brick to create LEGO robots that can be programmed and customised. Tailor-made for STEM learning, they’re a popular choice for older kids and teens.
  • Ideas: Crowdsourced from LEGO fans, Ideas sets are among the most popular on the market. Many are based on movies or TV shows, but others reflect LEGO’s dedication to science and history education. From the towering Saturn V rocket to Steamboat Willie, some of the coolest LEGO sets have come from the Ideas theme.

Age Guidelines for LEGO Sets

LEGO sets are designed for specific age groups as designated on the boxes. The DUPLO line is targeted toward the youngest builders, ages 2-4. These bricks are large and easy to snap together, and the sets usually come with large figures and accessories such as furniture and animals. The Juniors series is designed for children who are ready to move beyond the DUPLO bricks. These sets feature a mix of composite and individual bricks with simple instructions. These sets are easy to assemble and allow the builder to build the target model. All the other sets are designed for multiple ages and have the recommended ages displayed on the outside of the boxes. The main age ranges are for ages 6-8, 9-12, and 12 and up. Remember that traditional LEGO sets contain small bricks that can pose choking hazards for young children.

Shopping for LEGO Sets on eBay

Serious LEGO collectors know that sets are released on a regular basis while older ones are retired. That means there’s a thriving market for both new and used LEGO sets and minifigures. You can find almost any LEGO product you can imagine on eBay—often at a great price and with free shipping. Whether you’re after last year’s LEGO Ideas kit or a brand-new set, eBay is the place to shop for LEGO toys.