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Set up a TV in the bedroom but continutally lose the remote in the covers or under your bed? Have six different remotes and you can’t tell one from the other without your glasses? Have a Smart TV and want to use voice control and connect it to other smart devices in the house? The household scenarios involving TV remotes are endless these days! The answer to all your problems could be a LG Magic Remote.

A universal remote makes life easier

The LG Magic TV Remote is a device with a wide range of uses. Buttons are textured for easy use, and the device features click and scroll simplicity. The LG Magic TV Remote will take the stress out of your television viewing and program searching. Coordinating smart devices such as Blu-ray, a home theatre system, a set-top box or sound bar can be done effortlessly, too.

Easy to hold and easy to use

LG design their products to go beyond their customer’s basic needs. They are always forward thinking, and this LG Magic Remote is no exception. The LG Magic TV remote is designed to fit your grip. The shape fits easily in your hand and the wheel allows for easy scrolling. This is important when searching through a wide range of television stations, movies or videos. Navigation arrows allow you to go forward or return to the previous screen, and an Exit to Live button makes it easy to move to other devices by moving across antennae or input types. The LG Magic Remote also allows you to change modes from 2-D to 3-D for televisions that have 3-D options.

A range of TV remotes are available at eBay, including different models from Samsung, Foxtel, Sony and Soniq. You can search by brand name, limited time deals or hot sellers. LG television remotes include all-in-one compatible television remotes to match all their models from 2000. You can also find the right remote for your LG Smart 3-D television. Be sure to buy a genuine LG remote to suit your television viewing needs at eBay today.