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LG Televisions

LG Televisions

High-tech and stylish, LG televisions turn any living room into a home theatre, with eye-opening colours, a crystal-clear display, endless features to enhance any viewing experience, and multiple options when it comes to screen type and TV size. No matter what your viewing preference is, this beloved brand has you covered, and youll see movies and TV shows like you never have before.

On Display

Television shopping can be confusing, especially with so many options available. So whats the real difference between LG LED televisions and LG LCD televisions ? LCD seems to be the most dominant technology type, and the main difference between these TV types is how the tech illuminates the pixels that form the picture. LED is an older format that uses newer lighting types for more efficient lighting, but LCD offers brighter views. OLED gives you more saturated colours, and clearer viewing from all angles. In terms of pricing, OLED is more expensive, but promises the most premium experience.

Get Smart

It pays to have a Smart TV, and LG offers these televisions in many types and sizes. Perfect for movie lovers, Smart TVs make it easy to stream movies and shows from a variety of built-in apps, including Amazon Prime and Netflix. Smart TVs have Wi-Fi capability that connects to your router to provide wireless functionality and internet access. This also means you can configure your smartphone to use it as a remote control.

3D Reality

Another type of TV thats gaining popularity comes in the form of 3D televisions. LG 3D TVs offer many designs, including the updated curved TV screen. Immerse yourself in sound and colour with three-dimensional viewing that uses 4K resolution to create added image depth. Using Ultra HD technology, these televisions dont require old-fashioned 3D glasses to make their display stand out with rich, saturated colours and realistic images.

Feature Presentation

No matter which LG TV you opt for, the brand offers a variety of features designed to maximise your viewing experience, such as Dolby cinema-quality sound, and a sleek design that mounts on the wall or sits atop a media centre. The webOS experience combines apps with premium channels provided by LG to bring you even more ways to access content, and the brand offers multiple energy-efficient options to reduce power usage.