LGA 1150 Socket H3 Computer Motherboard for Intel

The motherboard is the backbone of any computer system; it holds the system chipset and all the various interfaces that connect everything from the CPU to the GPU, RAM, drives and other components. An LGA socket H3 motherboard is compatible with Intel Broadwell and Haswell processors. It is neither electrically nor physically compatible with any AMD processors or any other Intel processor types.

LGA Basics

Traditionally, a processor socket is just that, a socket; designed to accept pins from the processor and connect them to the motherboard. Intel's LGA sockets flip that paradigm on its head. Instead of pins, the CPU has pads on the bottom, and the socket has pins. One advantage of LGA designs is that it's easier to protect pins on a motherboard than on the bottom of a processor. It also supports higher pin densities than other designs.

LGA 1150 Processors

There are two kinds of LGA-1150 Socket H3 computer processors : the 4th generation Haswell and the 5th generation Broadwell designs. Both are Intel Core series processor available under the Core i3, i5, and i7 brands. As a rule, the higher the number the more powerful the processor. Higher numbered processors also offer more cores, with some i7 models featuring quad cores. Broadwell processors have slightly better performance and use less power than their Haswell equivalents.

LGA 1150 Combos

With all the questions people have about processor and motherboard compatibility one of the best ways to ensure everything works together is to buy a LGA-1150 Socket H3 motherboard and cpu combo. Buy buying the processor and motherboard together you not only ensure compatibility but you often also get a cooling solution that works with both. It's a great option for anyone looking to build a new Socket H3 system.

Motherboard Features

Depending on your needs, LGA 1150 motherboards can offer a wide range of features. Most support PCIe expansion slots as well as SATA drives and USB. Many even include network adapters. In addition the processor, most support DDR3 system memory.