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Your Vehicle Will Perform Better With LS1 Coil Packs

Have you noticed recently that your car engine seems a little shaky, or does it sound like an old man waking up in the morning sputtering and carrying on, or there just seems to be a lack of power? And if you have noticed the check engine light has stayed on, then it may be time to replace the coils in your engine. eBay has a large variety of LS1 coil packs available for you to select from to replace your current ones. 

What you need to know about LS1 coil packs

 A high power inductive coil with an integrated igniter module is used in the LS1 ignition coil. These were present on the majority of General Motors LS1 Gen 3 engines and are frequently encountered in aftermarket applications for ignition systems.

This ignition coil features an inbuilt igniter and is suitable for use with any model of ECU that has a dwell function. A large spark is generated, allowing turbocharged engines to operate at up to 1.5 bar of boost. There are various performance applications that can benefit from this, and it can be utilised with aftermarket engine management systems without the requirement for an igniter pack or as a direct replacement for your old LS1 Coil.

A common question is whether LS1 coil packs differ from LS2 coil packs. The bolt patterns for the brackets, as well as the wiring circuits themselves, are similar. LS2 coil designs have their individual coil plug-ins on the top of the coil, which is closest to the intake manifold, whereas LS1 coil designs have their individual coil plug-ins on the "bottom" of the coil, closest to the exhaust manifold.

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