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LTO 5 Tape and Data Cartridge Drives

LTO (linear tape open) technology is extremely useful when it comes to storing large amounts of important data in an effective manner. Modern LTO tapes are able to store upwards of 15 TB of data, and can work at speeds of up to 750 MB per second, which makes them extremely attractive for people with a lot of data to transfer in a short amount of time. However, modern LTO technology can be quite expensive, which often leads people to purchase older models such as the LTO 5 or below.

The LTO 5

Fifth generation LTO tapes released in 2010, and are therefore slowly going out of date. Although they are somewhat old and outdated, they are still able to store upwards of 1.5 TB of data, which makes them a cheap option for people going for a budget data storage solution. LTO-5 tape drives are relatively cheap, and you can purchase them either secondhand or new. If you are looking for a data storage solution that is cost effective and efficient, go for 5th generation LTO tapes and drivers.

LTO 5 Drivers

One of the biggest disadvantages when it comes to LTO technology is the requirement for a specialised tape drive. There are many different types of LTO tape drives on the market. If you do decide to go for fifth generation LTO technology, then you will need something like SAS LTO 5 tape data cartridge drives to read and copy your data. Make sure that you go for a high quality cartridge drive so that your data is not at risk of corruption.

Older LTO Drives

There are many older LTO storage options on the market. The older the technology, the cheaper it will be. A lot of people go for LTO 2 technology because it is extremely cost effective and easy to use. If you do decide to use LTO 2, you will need a high quality LTO 2 tape data cartridge drive to read your tapes and store your information.

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