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Be a true professional in the workplace with high-quality lab coats

Do you work at a hospital, lab, factory or even at crime scenes? Are you tired of constantly replacing your dirty or torn lab coats?

Working in these types of environments require you to wear pristine lab coats day in and day out. The key to doing this - successfully, at least - is to invest in lab coats that endure the wear, tear, grime, and accidents that take place in these types of workplaces.

Even if you want a lab coat just for show or even as a costume for fun events like a creepy Halloween party, choose from a range of lab coats that can stand the test of time and grime.

Choose from our exciting styles and selections below!

Long-sleeved lab coats

Need to keep most of your body covered while you work? No problem!

If these coats are a part of your work uniform, make sure you choose a lab coat with a professional finish and maybe even with pockets for carrying any tools, notes, or items that you need.

Short-sleeved lab coats

Want to jump right into your work without worrying about messing up your snow-shite sleeves?Short-sleeved coats are a great option if you’re not a fan of high-maintenance workwear or even if you’re a nurse!

Some even come in multiple colours, allowing you to choose the most suitable coat for your workplace or your personality!

Dress-like lab coats

Apart from sleeve lengths, you can also choose between traditional lab coats and those styled like dresses.

While the latter may be better suited for a costume party, these may even work if you’re a nurse in a hospital or clinic!

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