Label Maker

Label Makers

In any environment shared by two or more people, it can sometimes be helpful to have a label on something. Maybe a shelf needs a label to indicate what sort of items are or should be stored there in the office or a jar in the kitchen needs a label to avoid any confusion between sugar and salt. There are dozens of different label printing and making solutions, from simple handheld devices that punch out phrases letter by letter on a strip of soft plastic and slightly more advanced handheld devices that look like calculators which print out short, general use labels on sticker tape. The biggest and baddest of label makers is the stationary label printer sold for office use. Labelmakers like these are used to create shipping labels in large quantities by businesses. The tape used on these means it’s a lot cheaper to print just one or two labels than it would be by printing on a label sheet with an ordinary printer, since you only use up the tape you need.


These larger label printers are usually connected to a computer, or else connected to a whole network in the fashion of an office printer. For busy workplaces that ship a lot of goods, more than one label printer may be prudent to stop workers from having to queue up to do their job. There are a couple of brands producing office label makers and printers. Brands will often produce printer labels and label tape of various kinds specifically compatible with the printers and label makers they produce, so this is something to bear in mind, especially if you’re shopping for a business. Some types of labels are more durable than others, like the punched out plastic ones, but these are more limited in what you can fit on label tape and the plastic tape is more expensive, so have a good look at your needs.