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Lace Crafts

The word 'lace' might conjure up visions of doilies and tablecloths, but in fact lace crafts are popular among many who enjoy working with textiles. In addition to wedding gowns and underclothes, lace is incorporated in jewellery, added to garden pots, used as paint stencils and appliqued onto clothing. With the wide range available on the market, it's easy to find lace fabric to suit your tastes and projects.


There are so many different types of lace and from different regions that it's difficult to provide a single, short definition of vintage lace. The most important consideration when you shop for vintage fabrics is if the lace is in good condition. Mending old lace items can be very difficult and time-consuming. Buying lace in good repair means you can use it in your crafting right away.


Modern lace is far more colourful than the traditional white or off-white of years past. You can find it in blues and reds as well as greens and purples. You can even find multicoloured lace as trim, fabric or applique. Depending on your project and style, you may want to choose a narrow bit of black lace for a necklace. Or you may prefer a 4 cm width of blue lace to trim your old shirt to refresh your look.


It is possible to make lace by hand, but it has also been made by machine since the Industrial Revolution. In the days it was handmade, lace was primarily made with linen, silk, or even gold and silver threads. More recently though, cotton or synthetic fibres are used. You can still find linen or silk lace though at a higher cost.

Wedding Supplies and Apparel

Lace has been considered a traditional part of weddings for a very long time. You would be hard-pressed to look at any bridal shops and not find lace in some form. If you are interested in wedding lace, you can use it in many different ways. In addition to incorporate lace dress fabric into a wedding dress, you could have lace as part of a veil or as trim for your bouquet. Alternatively, you could also keep it for casual wear to add flair to your existing wardrobe.