Lace Window Curtains & Drapes

Lace Window Curtains

Beautiful and lightweight, lace window curtains are a sheer window covering that adds a shabby chic feel to any room. Delicate lace comes in a variety of types and designs creating the perfect look for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Not just offered in white, feel free to select blue, pink, or purple sheers to decorate your room and cover windows with either solid lace or lace-edged designs.

A New Tradition

There are a few different designs to choose from, and traditional lace window curtains offer Victorian, English, and Edwardian designs based on traditional floral lace patterns. These classic curtains create a vintage look in any room with an antique look and feel. These curtains come in different styles and types, ranging from thin, lightweight lace to thicker material, and offer every option, from valances to full-length sheers.

Country Mile

Country lace curtains are charming and rustic. Edged with designs in the lace, including farmhouses and chickens, cute country curtains work well in the kitchen. An alternative to solid lace is to purchase patterned country curtains that have lace around the edges, which softens the look of the curtains, or opt for country curtains with ruffles for a sweet touch.

Pardon My French

The other main type of lace curtains is French country lace curtains. These designs have a European influence, and offer many floral patterns, including roses, with added embellishments, such as scallops along the edge of the curtains. Made with the highest quality French lace, these country style curtains are delicate and rustic at the same time. Linen curtains with lace edging are also a popular French design and a variation on solid lace fabric that accents your room beautifully.

Hung Up

Now that youve chosen the right window curtains, youll need the right supplies to hang them up. Most curtains have openings or rings at the top to slide them onto a curtain rod. If you need to hang a curtain rod, you may require extra hardware as well as a hammer or other tools, such as a measuring tape, to ensure the rod is even and straight. Curtain ties keep sheers out of the way during the day and look pretty too.