Pick up Lacrosse Gear for Fun and Fitness

Lacrosse is a great sport for children and adults alike, combining cardio exercise and teamwork with dexterity and tactics. If you're just starting out in the game – or you need to outfit a child taking up the sport – you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. The equipment is unfamiliar to a lot of people, but with eBay, shopping for what you want is easier than it seems.

Length matters in lacrosse sticks

The stick that you need will depend on what position you're playing. Typically, adult attackers and midfielders use the shortest length: 100-105cm, or 40-42 inches. Defenders use longer sticks: 130-180cm, or 52-72 inches. Goalkeepers might use either length. Because children might be playing any position at first, it's more important to pick a lacrosse stick that they can easily wield. Shorter sticks from 83cm (33 inches) long are often available for younger players, but check with their sports league first for any size rules.

Other lacrosse equipment, like protective gear

While many lacrosse games – depending on league – are technically non-contact, sticks and balls do tend to head in unexpected directions, and often collide with people. A helmet is absolutely essential, and most leagues will require arm and leg padding as well. Athletic tape is also a good purchase – sudden changes of direction can cause muscle and tendon strain in the most fit athletes, let alone beginner players.

Make sure you have lacrosse balls to practice on

Catching and passing a ball are key skills in lacrosse. New players will need to practice with stick and ball to get a feel for the movements they'll need and build muscle memory. The biggest difference you'll notice in lacrosse balls for sale is that some are made from rubber, for outdoor use – and others from foam, for indoor use.