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Treat your skin with love with Lacura skin care from eBay

Lacura is ALDI’s exclusive skin care and beauty range featuring dermatologically approved products. Lacura offers a range of skin care and moisturisers and each product is individually formulated to provide effective treatment.

Is Lacura cruelty free?

Aldi, and by default Lacura, are committed to the well-being of animals in their supply chain.Animal testing is prohibited on any ALDI-branded finished products, with this provision included in contracts with suppliers.

What Lacura skin care product should I buy?

Skin changes with age and as a result so do skin care requirements. Skin that has aged appears thinner and may include age spots, particularly in sun exposed areas. Sebaceous glands produce less oil as people age, particularly after menopause for women, making it harder to keep the skin moist, resulting in dryness and itchiness.

Lacura Renew skin care products are designed for women over the age of 30 and represents one of the brand's largest ranges. It includes anti-wrinkle solutions, day cream, night cream, serums and cleansing wipes.

The Revive range for women over 30 includes a hyaluronic gel, night elixir and moisturiser.

Lacura mature skin products in the Revitalise range focus on revitalising. It includes an expert day cream, eye cream, night cream, intensive serum and cleansing wipes.

Bathroom Essentials

Lacura offers an Essentials range, designed to be used by all ages and skin types. This range covers items that nearly every bathroom has, including cotton tips, makeup rounds, 15+ BB cream, exfoliating wash, cleansing wipes, razors and cleansing gel.

Naturals range of skin care products

Lacura Naturals range of products includes cleansers, scrubs and anti-aging products such as day cream, night cream, serum and eye cream.