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Ladders are important tools for completing many chores around the house. They help you reach all the corners of your home and they are also useful for outdoor landscaping. Ladders are also necessary tools for builders working on large-scale projects. The building and construction accessories come in a variety of sizes and materials to complete different jobs, so you can find one that fulfills your specific needs.

Extension Ladders

Extension ladders are ideal for reaching tall roofs or trimming branches from large trees. Choose a fibreglass or aluminium ladder with extension capabilities. These types of ladders are lightweight, which makes them easy to move. These ladders feature tracking that allows you to make them longer or shorter as needed. They also feature slip-resistant feet that lock in place to keep them from moving when someone is on one. Contractors and construction workers often use these kinds of ladders as part of the process of bringing their building plans and blueprints to life.

Folding Ladders

In addition to aluminium and fibreglass, you also have the option of a wooden ladder that folds up. These are perfect for painting and other chores such as changing light bulbs. They unfold to create a stable A-frame shape, and then they fold up again for easy storage. They feature non-slip feet to provide extra stability, and most are ideal for use on outdoor surfaces as well as indoors.

Platform Ladders

Platform ladders feature large flat surfaces to hold items such as tools or painting equipment. They are ideal if you are working on a large project, and you don’t want to keep going up and down your ladder in order to retrieve materials. Some have platforms that are strong enough for you to stand on.

Step Stool Ladders

Step stool ladders are low to the ground with only two or three rungs. They are great for reaching high shelves or hanging things on walls. Most step stool ladders fold up to a small size, so you can easily stash them away in closets or pantries.