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Laguiole Cutlery

Laguiole cutlery is designed and manufactured according to centuries-old French traditions. It can bring a touch of old-world class to your kitchen and dining room.

Laguiole History

The laguiole is a traditional type of folding pocket knife used in southern France, especially in the region around the city of Thiers. They traditionally feature slender handles and blades and are often equipped with extra tools like awls and corkscrews. Traditional laguiole knives were often decorated with sculpted figures or patterns. Today, the most traditional laguiole decorations are a bee at the base of the blade and a small cross made from metal studs embedded in the handle.

Laguiole Today

Laguiole cutlery is not the name of a brand or even a specific type of cutlery. Many manufacturers produce stainless steel laguoile cutlery, seeking to connect their products with this historic tradition. Today, various manufacturers in the south of France use the laguiole name. In fact, the phenomenon is not limited to France, with manufacturers from around the world joining in to create laguiole knives. Some of these knives follow the traditional pattern while others are radically different.

Other Laguiole Cutlery

Although the original laguiole knives were folding pocket knives, the laguiole name today refers to all kinds of cutlery. As well as laguiole knives, chefs and diners can also enjoy laguiole spoons, laguiole forks and even laguiole corkscrews and laguiole cigar cutters. These vary widely in terms of design, materials and price. The name is often used for luxury cutlery designs featuring exotic materials. Various manufacturers sell laguiole complete cutlery sets that contain everything you need to set a full table. These can range in size from just a few pieces to enough cutlery to fill several drawers.

Cutlery Accessories

If you choose to use premium laguiole cutlery in your kitchen, it makes sense to use accessories to keep it in good condition. Cutlery sharpeners allow you to keep a laguiole knife razor sharp for efficient slicing. Cutlery boxes and cases are also essential in order to protect your cutlery from damage and keep it in good condition for longer. Many cutlery sets will come with a presentation box, but specialised boxes are perfect for keeping a growing cutlery collection organised and protected.

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