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Lamination is the application of different layers of material to strengthen a particular object while allowing it to remain flexible and resistant to wear and tear. Office laminators work by heating two layers of laminating film in such a way as to sandwich paper in between them. This provides a protective layer for the back and front, making the card durable for long use. Businesses frequently use laminators for ID cards, posters, signs, reminders, and more. Laminators are good options for business owners looking for inexpensive alternatives, while other business shop equipment, such as hooks, hangers, manequins, and shelving units, allow you to keep customers happy through improved organisation and presentation.

Roll Laminators

Knowing the type of laminator you need is essential to making an effective purchase. For instance, roll laminators are ideal for offices and schools, which frequently require lamination of documents and other items. As the name suggests, these work by using rollers to sandwich an item between two sheets of laminating film. The sandwich is rolled in between heating elements to melt the film together, effectively making a tight seal around the item. Roll laminators are good for laminating multiple items consecutively and only require you to trim the resulting sheet of laminated documents.

Pouch Laminators

Pouch laminators are small, portable machines that use specific sizes of laminating film. The pouches are lined with adhesive and encase a document or item. The item is then placed in a carrier, which is subsequently placed inside the pouch laminator where the whole thing is rolled through heated elements to bind the plastics together. Pouches come in varying thicknesses. They are great for laminating specific document sizes thickly, but you are restricted to supported pouch sizes when you opt for these type of laminators.

Cold Laminators

Cold laminators do away with all the melting and instead rely on powerful adhesives to bind the films together. They are portable, safe to use, and are great when there are no power sources around. They provide the same results as their heated counterparts and give the whole item a watertight seal.