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Lamp Shades

Lamp shades come in a variety of shapes, colours, and styles. As well as diffusing light and illuminating spaces more evenly, lamp shades provide a decorative touch to any room. Find lamp shades that match the existing style and colour scheme of a room or choose different shades to create a playful contrast.

Vintage and Retro Lamp Shades

Vintage and retro lamp shades come in many different shapes and materials. Many feature decorative beading and long strands of beads that hang down from the bases of the shades. Vintage glass dome options are also popular. This lamp shade type casts warm, even light. There are even coloured glass lamp shades that change the tone of the light. Find vintage and retro lamp shades for hanging lights as well as for floor-style lamps.

Modern Lamp Shades

Modern lamp shades are usually less decorative than vintage lamp shades. Many feature solid colours or minimalistic patterns. Their common makeup is fabric with wood or metal frames. The majority of these lamp shades are very lightweight and simple to install. A conical form with a flared base is the most common shape of modern shades. However, there are also globe and drum-shaped modern varieties available.

Abstract Lamp Shades

Abstract lamp shades are more ornamental than they are functional. Most consist of complex-looking frames with no cloth over them. For a bit of interest, choose abstract lamp shades with bold, colourful patterns that resemble paintings with similar themes.

Art Deco Lamp Shades

Art Deco lamp shades feature the colours and patterns that originated from the art deco art scene. This includes bold, geometric patterns with thick black lines. Deep colours are also emblematic of this style. Art deco shades are common in fabric materials, but laminated paper is another variety available for these kinds of lamp shades.

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