Lamp shades to create that wow factor in every home

Whether you're looking for a bold statement standing lamp or alternatively a smaller more subtle table lamp to add some light to that dull corner of your living room, there's plenty of choice on eBay.

Firstly decide where your light will go in your home and the space in which you have to play with, as this will directly affect the size of lamp you choose. Once you know where it will go, consider whether you are looking for solely a lampshade or the full lamp with a base too. There is a range of different types of lamps to consider from hanging, table to freestanding, which depends on your interior decor style.

Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are perfect for hallways and narrow spaces, coming in a range of lampshade materials from metal, glass to fabric. You may want to opt for lighter shades to open up the space. Hanging lights are available in a range of colours from classic black and white to bolder blue, green, red and more subtle shades.

Pendant Lighting

Signature pendant lighting is a great way to give any room a statement feel, which isn't as exy as you'd think. From the moment you hang these pieces, your guests will be talking about how sleek and stylish they are. Offering retro vibes, the lights will send your home back in time while providing looks that'll never date.

Table Lamps

Suitable for desks, coffee tables and bedside drawers, you'll be hard-pressed not to find a lamp for every room. Choose from modern or vintage styles, dependent on whether you're looking to add to the cosy feel of the room or create a statement.

Freestanding lampshades

If you love reading and want to set your self up with a desirable nook, a freestanding floor lamp will bring you a slice of paradise. Coming in classic, modern and timeless styles just switch it on and enjoy stunning lighting as you flick through the pages of your favourite book.