Landing Fishing Nets

Facts You Need to Know Before Choosing a Landing Fishing Net

Fishing is a fun activity whether done professionally or for recreation. The type of landing nets you get can have an impact on the enjoyment and success of your angling. Before shopping on eBay to select a befitting fishing landing net, take time to go through the following key questions that will guide your decision-making process.

How to choose the right affordable fishing landing net

As you attempt to find a suitable choice from a myriad of fishing landing nets, it is crucial to pay attention to the following key factors:

  • Mesh size - The size of the meshing holes is important because it determines the individual size and total volume of fish you can catch. For instance, if you want to catch small stream trout, a micro-mesh is a good idea.
  • Material - The landing net material could affect the durability and reliability of your equipment. Whether it's nylon, rubber, or made of other materials, the netting also affects how smoothly your equipment interacts with the water, hence influencing performance.
  • Hoop size - This is also essential since it has an effect on the volume of fish you can seise.
  • Handle length - The length of the handle influences the ease of fishing. It is advisable to use long handles when fishing on large bodies of water.
  • Handle material - A sturdy handle can make for a long-lasting landing net. Pay attention to materials that are easy to handle but also sturdy.
What sizes are there for landing fishing nets?

Different landing net sizes are available depending on your needs. See the manufacturer site for details.

  • Small - Typically between 4 to 18 inches wide, they are ideal for fishing in small streams and catching small trout or forage fish.
  • Medium - Generally in the 20- to 36-inch range, these nets are suitable for most streams and sizable fish such as large trout.
  • Large - These nets are over 42 inches wide and suitable for large-scale angling activities.
What to consider when choosing pre-owned fishing landing nets

In certain situations, you may come across used fishing landing nets that could be of interest to you. It is important to analyse the following factors before making your decision:

  • Mesh wear - Significant wear on the mesh can cause the netting to rip while fishing. Verify that the mesh is both even and resilient for consistent performance.
  • Handlebar firmness - Scrutinise the handlebar to make sure that it is rigid and robust. Dents and cracks are red flags.
  • Coating - Look at the coating on the netting material to ascertain that it is not fading. The coating protects your mesh from damage.